About Me

I have been in the photography business since 1982. Starting very small and in 1988 first attended Triangle Institute photography and am still doing. Throughout that time I received my Certification for Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) in 1993 with my Masters in Photography in 1998 (M.Photog.) and Craftsman (Cr.) in 2004. I am one of only a few wedding and portrait photographers with all 3 degrees from the Professional Photographers of America, the nations largest group of organized professional photographers.

I have received many awards and trophies from national, state, tri-state and local photography competitions. I received my first award from Triangle Assoc. (TIP) in 1992 for Wedding/ Social Event with my first Kodak Gallery award in 1997 and a Gallery Elite award that same year. I received the first Henry Degleau plaque in 2000 from Triangle Photographers Association (TIP) and my latest Kodak Gallery Award in 2002 for my work in Digital Imaging. I received first place at TIP in 2008 for one of my landscape photography. My Kentucky Derby print in 2008 went LOAN and is on display nationally, one of 200 out of all the prints in the world entered into the PPA competition. These are just a few of the many trophies and plaques I have received over the years.

Call (412-563-2112) or stop in for any information.


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